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February 2016 HUG Meeting Wrap-Up

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 8, 2016 2:30:00 PM / by Amber Callan


Another great HUG meeting is in the books and it was our biggest one yet!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Leap Clixx on February 4th, 2016 to learn "How to Get Your Content Published on Influential Sites." For this popular presentation, we were joined by Matt Kamp of Influence & Co. He was introduced by Leap Clixx Co-Founder, Chans Weber, who would also help with the Q&A at the end.

Matt explained to the 50+ attendees how to build thought leadership for their businesses by creating original, high-quality content and having it published on industry-specific, influential sites. It's another great way to use Inbound Marketing to get your message out to your potential customers.

Matt-Kamp-February-2016-HUGLet's look at some quick highlights:

The 4 Goals of Content Marketing

  • Build trust.
  • Boost awareness.
  • Showcase credibility.
  • Marketing & sales enablement.

Matt explained that SEO in 2016 is all about high quality, engaging content. This same content needs to be gated on your site to qualify the leads looking for that thought leadership and keep continuous engagement with them.

External content helps build your thought leadership and trust with the prospect.

So how do you get published?

Create content that editors crave, of course! At this point, Matt shared Influence & Co's State of Contributed Content which pulls data from an exclusive Editor's Survey.

Chans-Weber-February-2016-HUG5 Key Points to Remember When Trying to Get Your Brand's Content Published:

  1. Document your content strategy (and create a knowledge bank)
  2. Research the publication’s audience
  3. Share your expertise & get personal
  4. Back it up with data
  5. Perfect your piece before submission

Each point must be carefully thought out, and when you're ready, it's time to reach out to publishers. This is usually done by finding their email on a publication or through social media. Worst case scenario, you can just use the contact form on the website.

How to Maximize the Value of Your Content with ROI:

  • Marketing - social, newsletter, forums, paid, nurturing leads
  • Sales - before/after calls, activate leads
  • HR - hiring, Slack/IM, company awards
  • Execs - bio, speaking, email signature
  • All departments - share for max reach!

You can check out Matt's full HUG Meeting Presentation online.

Also, download his free Knowledge Management Template to help you get started. 

Upcoming HUG Meeting

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See you next time!



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