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June 2018 HUG Meeting Wrap-Up

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 18, 2018 11:13:19 AM / by Amber Callan

TONYThanks to our St Louis HUG members we had our best turn out for an event thus far on June 13, 2018 at Leap Clixx to learn about "Sales & Marketing Alignment." Your participation has helped these meet-ups grow from one attendee to around sixty five sign-ups for each event.

We also want to give a special thank you to Tony Baum, one of Hubspot's best Customer Success Managers, for flying out to visit our group and giving his riveting presentation.

Tony talked to our group about how he helps his customers align their sales and marketing strategies for better success. Plus he even showed us how to use Hubspot tools to make these tips even more actionable. He was introduced by Leap Clixx Co-Founder, Chans Weber, who also helped with the Q&A at the end!


Tony discussed how 89.1% of companies that aligned sales and marketing reported measurable increases in leads that converted to opportunities. However, when aligning these efforts, many companies struggle with qualifying their leads and setting SMART goals based on lead conversion history.

Here's a quick overview of lead qualification according to Tony:

  • Is every lead a good lead to send to sales? No, first we need to define fit by metrics such as company size, budget, revenue, industry, geography and more.
  • Is every lead with the right fit a good lead to send to sales? No, next we need to define the right engagement to prioritize actively engaged buyers.
  • Is every lead with the right fit and engagement a good lead to send to sales? Yes indeed!

Next, we need to make SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound goals). By looking through your last year's funnel data, determine last year's conversion rates and dividing a revenue goal by the average revenue per deal last year, you can come up with a good idea of how many deals you'll need to close next year to reach that revenue goal.

Then once you have a SMART goal in mind, you can start to define these processes by asking these questions:

  • Qualification - What criteria qualify an MQL? What is the right fit & engagement for your leads?
  • Lifecycle Stage Assignment - How will you mark contacts with the right lifecycle stage? How will you define each lifecycle stage?
  • Lead Assignment - How are leads assigned to the right sales owner? Is it by territory or size of the company? Do you need to rotate leads fairly?
  • Notifications - How does marketing notify sales of a new MQL? Do you send an email or create a task? Do your sales and marketing databases sync? What does sales need to know about a new lead?
  • Rejects - How does sales send leads back to marketing? What information does marketing need to know about a rejected lead?
  • SLA - What agreement should be made between sales & marketing? How will you define what sales and marketing promise to each other when trying to meet a revenue goal?

Upcoming HUG Meeting

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See you next time!

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