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June 2016 HUG Meeting Wrap-Up

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 16, 2016 11:31:00 AM / by Amber Callan


At the St. Louis Hubspot User Group, we're celebrating the "Summer of Sales" focusing on sales enablement to help your sales team turn more leads into customers. 

presenters.jpgThanks to everyone who came out to Leap Clixx on June 15, 2016 to learn "How to be a Hero to Your Sales Team With Sales Enablement." David Weinhaus, Manager of the Agency Growth Team at Hubspot, brought his expert sales enablement knowledge from Boston to St. Louis during this quarter's lunch and learn. Chans Weber, Co-Founder of Leap Clixx, joined David for Introductions and helped answer questions during the Q&A.

David talked to our group about how marketing & sales need to work together to build success. When inbound marketing is only driving sales and leads (not customers), your sales team might feel the heat for not closing new customers and your marketing team might feel the heat for not delivering quality leads. So how can you enable your sales team and be a sales hero?

Let's look at some quick highlights:

Did you know that salespeople want to be out selling to clients, but instead they spend 59% of their time doing other tasks (Qvidian)? In order to cut down on the time salespeople aren't selling directly to clients, it's time to equip them with content, training and analytics. And the best part? You don't have to be a sales guru to do it!


Sales Rep Challenge #1 - "I Need More Good Leads!"

When leads are considering buying from a salesperson, they more than likely research that salesperson online. Therefore your sales team's online presence should be something they're proud of and actively promoting!

Quick Tips

  • Bring in a photographer for headshots so your sales team can update their LinkedIn profiles
  • Add your sales team's spruced up LinkedIn profiles to their email signature
  • By adding a LinkedIn link to your sales team's emails, they can see which prospects are checking them out online
  • Consider personalized rep landing pages! Examples below!


Sales Rep Challenge #2 - "I'm Constantly Creating Decks, PDFs, Email, etc. Ugh!"

Did you know 90% of content created by marketing never gets used by sales? AND sales spends about 30 hours each month creating sales content. Surely there has to be a better way!

Quick Tips

  • Create prospecting email templates that are interesting, valueable & compelling!
  • Create case studies, presentation decks, competitive comparisions and 2-pagers for sales to utilize
  • Create eBooks & content offers along with little pitches so your sales team can either present relevant offers to prospects or hone into a lead's potential problems associated with what that eBook solves


All in all, helping your sales team with content, training and analytics is the key to being a hero! It doesn't take a sales guru to do it, but your sales team might think you are one after utilizing these important tips.

Upcoming HUG Meeting

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See you next time!

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