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September 2018 HUG Meeting Wrap-Up

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 1, 2018 3:55:58 PM / by Amber Callan

Shane and ChansThanks to our St Louis HUG members, we had a great turn out for our event on September 27, 2018 at Leap Clixx to learn about "A Sales First Approach To Marketing Automation." 

First things first, we have to give a special thank you to Shane Freeman, CEO of Eureka Consulting Group, for giving a thought provoking presentation. Shane attends every St Louis HUG meetup, so it was wonderful to learn some great information from one of our own!

Shane talked to our group about how he takes a sales first approach to marketing for better success.

Shane discussed how companies can take a sales-first approach to marketing automation by aligning their sales and marketing goals. He suggests this will increase the amount of qualified leads and closed deals. During his talk, Shane compared the marketing and sales buyer's journey to show how they overlap with each other.

HUG Sep 2018

Our favorite piece of the presentation was when Shane discussed how to reduce "bad leads" and which metrics he suggests measuring. Here's a quick overview if you missed it: 

First, define your Marketing Qualified Leads by these questions:

  • What behavior does your lead have?
  • What score would you give a lead in regards to how close they are to buying?
Then, define your Sales Qualified Leads by these questions:
  • Is the lead in the market you are targeting?
  • Does the lead have a vertical buyer's journey?
  • Does the lead fit your ideal client profile?
  • How large is the deal?

Next, start measuring these metrics:

  • Average leads per month
  • Average opportunities per month
  • Average sales cycle length
  • Length (in days) per stage
  • Win/Loss rate

Now that you know how to reduce bad leads and how to measure your data what's next?

  • Create a task force to align sales & marketing
  • Document your sales objections & obstacles
  • Use analytics to find your best content
  • Perform a gap analysis and produce the missing content
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See you next time!

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